In The Shop

It's only Tuesday, and I'm already a day off this week.  Mike and Jake spent the weekend at a conference for the Wisconsin Falconer's Association (more on that later), so I didn't get my usual work finished.  The little guys and I did make some time to play around with the essential oils and we came up with a scent we all agreed smelled like Spring.  It's below zero and snowing outside, but we're all dreaming of fresh air and warmer weather!  It's surely right around the corner, isn't it?

The oils are a mix of lemon and sweet orange, with a hint of clary sage and ground ginger.  The fresh, invigorating scent immediately takes me back to spring time on my grandma and grandpa's farm in Iowa.  The white lace curtains blowing in the breeze, the fresh scent of new earth and green growth, and the sweet citrus from her homemade cleansers.

We mixed some of the oils to make our own homemade cleansers, and some of the oils I used to make handmade soap for the shop.

You can find the soap here:  Lemon Ginger Soap

And here's a recipe for our favorite all natural cleanser:

All Purpose Cleaner
1 ~ 32oz spray bottle
Fill it 3/4 of the way with water
Fill it the rest of the way with white vinegar
Add 15 drops of your favorite essential oils.  Tea tree, lemon, and other citrus oils are wonderful for cutting through grease as well as being antibacterial.  

Shake well before each use.  Spray liberally.  You do have to use a bit more elbow grease with homemade cleaners, but you aren't left with any toxic chemicals or fumes!  

What scents remind you of spring?


  1. It sounds lovely! Lemon reminds me of the warm months and of clean.
    This may sound funny but the smell of dirt is what makes me think of spring, to me there is nothing better than the smell of dirt on the days the first crops get planted.

  2. I agree, Eryn. The smell of dirt always gets me excited for planting. That's why I added the clary sage, to give it a nice earthen tone. ;) I can't wait to get the garden going!!

  3. Pine oil isn't very "springy" but I love the way it takes grease off! I think it's the best oil I've used so far. I usually combine mine with tea tree and eucalyptus oil. Lately though, I've been using a combination of geranium, lavender, and spearmint. It smells wonderful. It also makes a fantastic bath!