Plant Dyed Yarn

Plant dye results from yesterday...

:: Sumac on superwash merino wool.  Alum mordant.  Iron after bath.

: :Sumac on superwash merino wool.  Alum mordant.  No after bath.

The top two photos show their most true color.  Both had a green tone that was hard to capture properly.  In the bottom photo, you can see how different they are when placed side by side.  Here, the light was beginning to wane and cast a delightful warm peachy glow across the fiber.

Today, I found some berries in the woods where Luke and I went sledding.  I think we may go back and pick a basket full to see what color they will create.  It won't be for the blanket, or maybe it will.  I never was very good at following rules.  Even my own.


  1. Both look gorgeous. Happy weekend.

  2. Wow, wonderful color! Pink = yellow huh? I would have never thought.

    1. It turned out to give more color than I expected. From what I've read, sumac doesn't usually give very good results. I'm wondering if most dyers use fresh berries, when mine were throughly dried out.

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  4. Such a lovely earthy tone! Well done.