In the Shop

I'm going to try something new in this space.  Instead of filling up every post with new items for the shop, I'm going to share them all in Monday's post.  It's kind of exciting to see what we've accomplished in the week and I think it will be helpful to keep me on task.  I love to create, but I'm not always good at getting things listed on etsy.

This weekend, we had a snow (sleet) storm that keep us all inside.  While the boys played with water balloons in the tub (It's great fun for cabin fever!), I made some birch branch buttons and a sweet little set of valentine sentiments.  Luke put them in our bowl of rocks, because, he said, he loves rocks.

We're also trying to eliminate the use of paper in as many products as possible, so from now on we'll be packaging most everything in cotton muslin drawstring bags.  They're made of Mill Cloth, which is fabric made here in the United States using virgin cotton.  This means that the cotton is minimally processed and the bags contain no toxic substances.  It's not perfect, but it's a start.  They're reusable, and that's so important to us!

Wishing you all a wonderful start to the week~


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    1. Thanks. We still have some paper products to use up, but hopefully all packaging (except soap) will be paper free in a month or two! The bags are so nice and heavy duty that I've been finding uses for them all over the house. ;)

  2. From where do you purchase Mill Cloth?

  3. I tried googling mill cloth and I don't find anything. I bought my bags from Celestial Gifts.