Why Buy Handmade?


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I know we each have our own individual, deep seeded reasons why we buy handmade gifts each year, but I wanted to share what has inspired us to live a handmade life....

*I live a handmade life, because... I have to create.  Like I have to breathe.  Or eat.  To survive.  When you purchase handmade from us or someone else, you're allowing an artist to carry on.  To nourish the soul.  To find joy.  Achieve dreams.  

*I live a handmade life, because... I know exactly where my money is going.  No middle men.  No giant corporations.  Just people trying to make a difference in the world.  To real families, like us, who are paying the bills, putting food on the table, and reaching goals.  

* I live a handmade life, because... I believe in quality over quantity.  Purchasing high quality, well made items, means they will last for years, sometimes even a lifetime.  Attention, detail, and a lot of love is infused into each item that passes through our hands.  

* I live a handmade life, because... I want art to be unique and original.  I love that when I wear one of my husband's Tree Branch Necklaces, I know I'm never going to see anyone else wearing it.

*  I live a handmade life, because... I care about the environmental impact of mass produced goods on our earth.  From manufacturing, transporting, and disposal; the destruction is astronomical.  All our items are either made of recycled materials or are organic material and can be composted back into the earth.

* I live a handmade life, because... I value connection.  Through this blog and our shop we've met folks from all over the world.  Becoming a part of each other's lives, in some small, significant way is one of my favorite parts of living handmade.  

To say thank you for choosing handmade this holiday season, we're offering 10% off everything in our shop Friday, Nov 23rd through Monday, Nov 26th.  We'll also be posting random surprise discounts over on Facebook, so be sure to stop on over and like our page!

Why do you live handmade?


  1. Eloquently written.

    I vowed this year to have a handmade Christmas. Most of the gifts I will be giving this season are items I have knit, cooked, and a couple of paintings I have done.

    One of my many reasons for handling gift giving this way is to get back to a simpler life where things matter less and people matter more.

    My sons and I started reading the Little House series this fall (one of my all time favorites) and were inspired by the simplicity of the holidays enjoyed long ago; mittens, a piece of candy, maybe a doll for a lucky little child.

    With that said I haven't mastered soap making yet so I will be visiting your shop this season.

    Happy Holidays!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing, Eryn. Little House books are such an inspiration to us, too! My boys have really come to treasure their one special item vs the car load of plastic junk they get from the inlaws.

  2. Beautiful post. We have been doing a handmade Christmas for quite a few years. First it was purchasing handmade with a few things made by our own hands. This year, most of our gifts will be made by us for those we love. A few purchased items will be craft supplies for my little man and a couple of books for some book lovers.

    Our main reason is like Eryn above to return to a simpler way of living. A way of living that makes the experience of giving a gift. It also allows us to avoid the mall which is a huge plus.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    1. You can never go wrong with books, can you! We always give each child a stack of thrifted books along with their handmade goods. :)

      Oh, the mall. I think it's been about 10 years since I was in a mall, and I'm so grateful handmade allows us to avoid that trap!