Simple Slipper Knitting Pattern

About three years ago, my niece came to visit and she had the most adorable shoes I'd ever seen.  They were made of soft leather in a warm shade of coral pink with contrasting stitching along the sole.  I had been trying for a long time to find shoes for the boys, but I didn't like any of the them found at traditional department stores, so I looked up the brand name on the bottom of the sole and went to the website.  I was so sad to find out that the company had recently gone out of business.

I became a mama on a mission to make something similar for my boys, inspired by these eco~friendly Simple shoes.  I must have made about a dozen slippers trying to get them just right.  Out of pure frustration, I put the whole project into the WIP box, and out of my mind for over two years.  (If you knit, you know all about the WIP basket.  Enough said.)

One night on our drive home from the land, it came to me.  I knew exactly how to construct them into the shape I wanted; keeping them seamless and well, simple.  By the next morning, I had my first pair made, and a rough draft of the pattern written.  Of course, once my guys saw them, they each wanted a pair too.  You can read all about them herehere, and here.

My favorite features of the Simple Slippers:
* Sizes available for every member of the family; from newborn to adult men and women

* Double thick sole for lots of warm, cushy goodness

* Contrasting stitch around the sole

* Seamless construction (good for the knitter and wearer)

* Tab up the back for stability and cuteness

* Knits up really fast (um... like for last minute Christmas gifts!)

You can find the Simple Slipper in both my etsy shop and for instant download on Ravelry:

Simple Slippers
Size Newborn to Adult 


  1. I love them!!!! And am thrilled about the double thick sole!

  2. These are lovely slippers! I will be ordering the pattern later this week and can't wait to get started on them for my husband and sons for Christmas.

  3. love your slippers