Hand Carved Stamps

As the temperatures drop and the days become shorter, we're spending less time outside and more time in the house.  It's become the perfect excuse to slow down and try all of the art projects we've been talking about doing this past summer!  

Cole's been researching stamp carving for months now, since watching Geninne's video.
{Isn't her work amazing?  We also love to watch her watercolor videos.  Such talent.}

We started with a shopping trip to the craft store to buy supplies. 
* Speedball Carving  Tool
* Speedball Carving Blocks
* Stamping ink
* Cardstock

I was strangely nervous about not doing it right; wanting to try a small practice stamp and get a feel for the tools.  We discussed positive and negative space and how he wanted his finished stamps to look.  Then as is the way of my middle boy, he jumped in with both feet.  It came out exactly as he planned.  I'm really happy with mine, too.  We both want to get some fabric ink and make hand stamped t'shirts for this winter!  I think they would make really nice handmade holiday gifts.  

Have you hand carved stamps?  I'd love to hear about your experiences.


  1. Wonderful stamps!
    No, I haven't carved stamps, yet!
    I have had Geninne's book on my wish
    list, I do love her.

    1. I keep pestering our librarian to order her book, so I don't have to purchase a copy myself!

  2. You can also carve smaller stamps using cheap erasers from the dollar store. I find the ones from Japan have the right texture. You want the ones that are like the white erasers, not like the pink ones.

  3. I have read about the erasers, but was unsure which to purchase. Thanks for the advice!

  4. They are beautiful! And now I want to try too...another to add to the list of crafty things to try. Thanks!