Woodland Sunflower Yarn


(Joining in with Ginny)  

Well, the birch bark dye from last weekend was a bust.  Even with copper mordant, it turned out to be just barely ivory.   I was hoping for a soft pink with olive undertones.  To remedy the problem, Luke and I took a little road trip out to some public land and picked a bunch of woodland sunflowers growing along the edge of the forest.  We used the same process as the tansies, using Peace Fleece yarn instead of superwash.  I wanted to play around with an after bath and read somewhere (wish I could remember where) to use washing soda to adjust the ph balance.  The orange yarn is a little too bright for my taste but will make some really cute Jack Be Little Pumpkins for our fall nature table! 

 You can find my knitting pattern here and my Ravelry notes are here.

Note to self:  Must not knit too many pumpkins and get back on track with holiday knitting.

What are you working on this week?


  1. Love the colors you ended up with.....and I made that little pumpkin this year, too!!! Isn't it the cutest?????

  2. Excellent! I love that warm yellow. I got a really really bright yellow from marigolds. I may have to try tansies. Isn't the washing soda modifier nice? Iron is lovely too. You can make it like you did the copper bath. So happy you are posting about this!

  3. I love the orange, but I'm partial to the color - it's my favorite! Lovely pumpkins, perhaps I will craft some up!

  4. those colors are lovely. and the pumpkin is super cute.
    hey, i am reading the exact same thing. LOL

  5. Love your yarn, pumpkins, and I am enjoying Taproot as well.
    Thanks for sharing you results.

  6. I just saw your pumpkins on another blog. So cute, I'm going to make some. But why do I never seem to have orange wool? May have to go shopping.

  7. I adore the yarn you dyed, such pretty colors.