No, it's not a Package of Ramen Noodles

No, it's not a package of Ramen Noodles gone wrong.  It's going to be a turtleneck, for Luke, made with 100% wool that I dyed in a warm honey wheat color.

Notice the knitting needles at both ends?  I had the body all finished, but decided I didn't like the way the cast on edge was looking.  I made a little snip on the first body row and picked it apart.  Now I can re knit the twisted rib band and use a tubular bind off, instead of long tail cast on, for a more finished edge.  

What are you working on (or ripping out) this week?

p.s.  I'm joining in with Ginny and company over at Yarn Along.


  1. oh, how I wish I new how to back track, how to snip and start over, how to make a stretchier cast on or bind off edge. I am in awe of your ramen noodle sweater, your knitting and the color is FAB! xoxo

  2. I think my heart stopped when you said you 'snipped and picked apart' your first row. I am so not that talented. You girl rock the knitting needles!

  3. Thanks! So it's only scary for a split second before you snip, but the wool has such a good memory that it stays put and the stitches won't drop. (I would be very careful with acrylic or slippery fibers) They're really easy to pick up you end up with a nice working edge. Maybe I'll do a tutorial on fixing mistakes:)

  4. that yarn looks absolutely delicious! this week I'm hoping to break through my resistance and finally begin making socks of some yarn I bought several years ago... I want to knit them toe-up so I can consume a full skein for each foot, but have never done socks that way, so I have stalled forever on them. *sigh*