(Photo by Mike)

Homesteading:  A weekly account of our journey to becoming off grid homesteaders.  Our path will be long as we are only paying in cash and our funds are very limited.  Mike and I have no idea what we're doing so we'll be learning as we go.  I know we'll make mistakes and that's ok.  It's all part of the process.  

We would love to read about your homesteading experiences, so if you'd like to share your favorite resources, tips, funny stories, recipes, books, website or even just a photo from the week, please leave a link in the comments.

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Mike's words on homesteading:

It's a sunny day outside the car window. 
Smell the pine and fresh cut hayfields.
Watch as the countryside passes you.
Follow the long winding road.
Farm fields tucked into the wooded hills.
Reflections of opposite shores on the lake.
Winding rivers cut through the woods.
Slowing for wildlife, as they cross.
Finally, reaching the end of the road.

I see a path, so I follow it.
While walking, I stretch and look up, seeing a hawk gliding in the breeze.
The corn rustles.
Birds sing songs to me as I reach the end of the path.
An endless meadow of wildflowers grow before me.
Dragonflies and monarchs dance with the wind.
In the distance, I see great white pines. 
Hundreds of years these trees have watched this meadow.
I wonder what they've seen.
As I come to the top of a hill, I lay down so I can see only the blue sky.
As clouds pass over, I know I'm finally there...

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  1. Oh what a wonderful feeling - enjoying following your journey