This Week

This week:

* Luke learned to how to make cornbread; which means we've been eating an obscene amount of cornbread.  He also made lasagna, Dad's famous brats, and vegetable noodle soup.  

* We made paper origami boats after a morning rain storm.  

* Spent an evening watching the St. Croix Valley Orchestra play for the local "Music in the Park" series. 

*  There was also knitting in the park; I'm getting a head start on Holiday gifts.  Want to join me?  I'll be sharing more about this on Monday.  

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Your week sounds like it was lovely. Sitting, listening to an orchestra must have been wonderful! I also need to start on Christmas gifts, will pop by on Monday.

  2. wow, aren't we lucky girls!! This afternoon I will go to a meetup in the beautiful city Utrecht with a bunch of sustainable women. Have a picknick on the Parade (an Indie theater festival) tomorrow I'll go to an Etsy lab also in Utrecht and the day after that I'll have a meeting with this new ArtisFabriek in Amsterdam. the last two are in the evening so my day will be in my new small kitchen garden. And do some cleaning on my new Lama wool somebody donated me... To all the other people on this page, I read about following your hart soooo long, just do it! After some bumps its BLISS (we in the Netherlands are a bit hyper cause finally summer seems to arive this year, after moths of rain and dark clouds)LOVE to you all, Marijke