Tree Branch Buttons

I have a thing for buttons.  

Especially vintage and handmade buttons.  

And it's been a long time since I've made tree branch buttons. 

What a nice way to spend an evening around the campfire; sawing, sanding, and polishing with homemade beeswax polish.

These little pieces of earthy goodness.  

Recycled from nature.

Each one unique.

Available in sets of four in the shop.


  1. These would be lovely on a cozy sweater to snuggle with. They are sweet!

  2. Oh they look wonderful. Did you use fresh or dry wood? And do you have experience with using fresh wood because I think they would proably crack when the y get dry. If not, this is the next thing I will do out in the woods :-)

  3. I was given a fresh branch of cedar last year from a friend and cut it right away, then let the buttons dry out a few weeks. I didn't have any problems with cracking, but it may vary with different types of wood.

  4. Hello! I have a quick question...your blog post says that these beautiful buttons are sold in sets of four, however your Etsy shop lists them in sets of three. Could you please let me know which is correct? Thanks! :)

  5. My dad recently made me some, I love them and they add so much to the look of knit-wear! Yours are lovely!

  6. Melicity, I only have 6 buttons left now, they went really fast! I split the last few into even groupings of three:) I'm finishing up some cedar buttons and should have more in the shop this week.

    Julia, how wonderful of your dad to make them for you:)