Right Now

Right now....

* I'm ripping back the entire finished shawl.  It was a beautiful geometric piece of art. Small equilateral triangles don't drape well around the neck.  (I'm so mad I couldn't even bear to take photos).  I really should have known this in advance.

* Te letter " " is broken on my keyboard and I'm really tired of aving to manually add te letter " " from keyboard viewer.  Note to self... make a trip to Goodwill for external keyboard.

* Laughing out loud at Luke's rain ensemble from yesterdays storm.

* Enjoying very limited internet access for a few weeks.

* Giving a helping hand to the younger ones who have been busily finishing up their homemade Father's Day gifts.

* Really looking forward to heading up to our land for the weekend to check on the wild berries plants we found a few weeks ago.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend~

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