Gluten Free Yarn

(Joining in with Ginny)

Gluten free cookbooks and yarn.  It's what's going on at the library on this stormy Wednesday.  We've been spending a lot of time at the library this week because, well.... the library has air conditioning and it's been raining.  A lot.  They also have a giant card board box and puppets for the kids!

I'm starting over on the shawl I frogged last weekend.  The shaping is looking much better this time, but it's really discouraging to look at.  Mostly, I'm not knitting the shawl and finding new recipes for gluten free treats.

I'm really in need of some good gluten free recipes.  Any ideas?


  1. I am not a gluten-free eater but I did pick up some Tamari gluten free soy sauce and it has knocked my socks off. Anything you make with this stuff is fantastic! In particular, roasted vegetables...just drizzle with oil (I think coconut oil is gluten-free), fresh chopped garlic, herbs of choice and this soy sauce...and if you have some real maple syrup, mix some of that in there can toss over root vegetables or eggplant, squash and vidalia onions...just about any combination will do! So good and healthy for you.....Can't wait to see your finished shawl!

    1. I made something very similar to that last night with sugar snap peas and corn! It was delicious!

  2. There is a website I visit called," Mennonite girls can cook" and one of the authors does a lot of gluten free items.
    Give it a look ......
    Looking forward to seeing more of your shawl.

  3. What a beautiful blog! This is my favorite dessert of all time! I just sub in 1T betterbatter flour.

  4. The Mennonite Girls Can Cook website has given me some good recipes...I have them linked on my sidebar.
    I am so thankful for a break from the rain!

  5. Check out elana's pantry -
    She has great recipes using almond flour and coconut flour. I have both of her cookbooks and have had great success with all her recipes.