This Week

This week:

* I wrangled in a hidden barbed wire fence.  I'd like to say I won the duel, but now I'm mending my favorite pair of jeans.  

* We climbed trees.

* Cole discovered treasures hidden in the woods.

* I kettle dyed some yarn and started knitting a rainbow sweater for Luke.  It's a basic seamless raglan worked with Elizabeth Zimmermann's EPS system.  The boy is in love.  

What are you working on this week?


  1. We are trying finish are last few weeks of school

    I am knitting a dishtowel one of many I hope

    Drying tears of my youngest daughter Youth group hasn't been much fun lately

    We need to mow our grass but summer seemed to arrive early it is almost 90 today

    Hoping to get bills written out with a little money left over for groceries

    Blessings to you,


  2. Sounds like you're having a busy week too! I love hand knit dishtowels and look forward to seeing them progress:)

  3. hi, i'm guessing you are off on travels right now but was wondering if you have a link to a pattern for your rainbow sweater? i love the raglan and would love to make something like it for my kiddos someday.

    also have you seen this?

    not my blog but looked like it might be up your alley. :)
    i made one for a friend's newborn and managed to size down her pattern despot my novice knitting skills.