Generations of Stitches

Blankets.  We have a lot of them.  Five people.  Four seasons.  Picnics.  Camping.  Star Gazing.  Forts.

As we move through each passing season, I take a day to clean out the linen closet.  Washing each of the pieces.  Rotating the heavy woolen covers of winter in exchange for light cotton quilts of warmer days.  

This year, as I removed them from the line and folded them into piles, I realized that almost all of our blankets are made by hand.  By each of the generations I hold in my memory.  

Great-grandmothers, grandmothers, and mothers.  

Each of a different medium.  

Some knit.  Some crochet.  Some sewn by hand.  

Four generations of stitches.  

All made with love.  

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Today, I'm...

* Finishing up a sweater for a friend's new baby boy.

* Enjoying the last few little blossoms from the bouquet of flowers my mom brought last week.

* Adding a new Rustic I~ Cord Wrap Bracelet to the shop.  

* Loving everything in Alice's shop, but especially these!

* Listening to my favorite local musician, Charlie Parr.

* Hoping I have everything to make these for dinner. 

What are you up to today?

{p.s  I'm joining in with Ginny for her weekly Yarn Along.  If you knit, you should, too.}  

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Mending our health with a bit of pink sunshine. {Thanks, Mom!}  
Mending the broken tail of a much loved friend.

Wishing you a beautiful week~

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Earth Day Giveaway

It's been a really crappy week around here.  {I know, I'm a ray of sunshine aren't I?}  We've managed to catch a never ending viral something, leaving all five of us living on the sofa.  It's a large sofa, but still.  Thank goodness for warm snuggly handmade blankets, a vaporizer, and eucalyptus essential oil.

I had hoped it would all be over in time to celebrate Earth Day, but alas, the festivities will have to wait another week.  You can read about past celebrations here and here.

I hope you all had a great week and I'd love to read what you're doing to celebrate the day!

p.s  NaturalKids is having a fantastic Earth Day giveaway over on their blog.  Too bad team members can't enter, I would adore one of Gypsy Forest's linen bags!
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Simple and Slow

When I graduated from college, it just didn't quite seem real.  After all of the struggles and sacrifices to make it through, when it seemed like there would never be an end, I thought that if I just walked across the stage the feeling of finality and exuberation would take over me, as if life were about to begin.  It didn't.  Instead, I had a horrific recurring dream.  In the dream I received my diploma only to have it taken back months later after they found out I had in fact failed to complete Phy Ed.  Since it took me seven long years to finish college, it was completely and utterly devastating.  After each dream, it took me a long time to calm down and realize that of course I hadn't failed physical education, and of course no one had taken away everything I worked so hard to achieve.

I've come to that point in my life again.  It feels the same as before.  The dream we've been working so long to achieve has finally happened and I'm terrified it's not real.  Everything went off without a hitch.  We closed on our land on March 31st.  We saved for three years.  We paid cash.  We own our land.  I made it past April 1st when I dreaded a knock on the door as the realtor shouted, "April Fools!"  Ridiculous, I know.  

We've been working it out the last two weeks.  Simple and slow.  Isn't that how living should be done anyway?  Gradually acclimating into new roles, new projects, exploring the beauty of the earth and getting to know this new land of ours.

The process.  It will be a long one yet.  First things, first.  Camping and a new fire pit.

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