Yarn Along

Stretching my legs in the grass.... Breathing in the fresh smells of the earth....  Reading and knitting with the warm sun on my back....  I love Spring.  

I'm almost done with the sample sweater for my new design!  I just have to add buttons and it's finished.  More on this soon, I promise.  

I've also been reading Anna Pavord's, The Curious Gardener.  She's funny, insightful and writes the way my grandpa tells stories of his gardening days.  Plus it has useful gardening tips, too.  I can't wait to get the garden started!

What have you been working on lately?

{p.s.  In case you're in need of more knitterly inspiration, check out Ginny's Yarn Along, over at Small Things!}


  1. I love spring too (even if it means less wearing/knitting really cosy things!)

    Love the colours of your knitting, they go so well together

  2. I love your colors and wish that one day I´ll be able to knit like you do!!Wonderful!

  3. I am very excited to see your newest design and I really like the colors you used for your project!
    I think I will have to pick up a copy of The Curious Gardener for my husband's birthday. His father was a great farmer and passed a lot of knowledge on to my husband so this sounds like the perfect book for him.
    Have a lovely yarn along day.

  4. Grandsons = jackets I'm interested in your new design,
    Adding your book to my list, thanks

  5. I look forward to seeing your design! I already love the colors are you are using!!!

  6. Looking forward to seeing your new design Liz.

  7. your sweater looks so pretty, i have recently made one using almost the same colors, love them together.

  8. Thanks so much, I love chartreuse and gray together, too! Great for both boys and girls:)