Nature Craft

The weather has been so warm here the last few days so we've been taking full advantage and heading out into the woods as much as possible.  March is such a strange time of year...  the earth feels like it's about to burst with all it's new life and energy, yet, the quiet of winter is still pulling us inward for a few more moments of hot cocoa and reflection... and some indoor nature crafting.  

Salt dough ornaments::  Pressed with items we found on walks this week, along with some treasures collected from last year made for a nice fresh bit of color in the kitchen.  

Basic Recipe
2C flour
2 C water 
1C salt
1T oil
1t cream of tartar
{optional} a few drops of food coloring

  Cook over medium heat, stirring frequently, until thick. 
 Let dough cool a few minutes and kneed until smooth.  
Cut, press, and bake at 250 for a few hours or air dry for a few days. 
{We were impatient, I really prefer the look of air drying}
String, hang, and enjoy!

What have you been crafting this week?

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  1. i love this idea, thanks so much for sharing! i think tanner will enjoy doing this one :)