Dog Sitting

Any excuse to spend time in the country is reason enough for me, so when my little brother called and asked if we would dog sit for the day, the five of us jumped in the car and made the short trip to the woods!

Lola's a shy little beagle, but Lucas {the beagle whisperer} managed to coax her out of the house for a run through last years oak leaves.

We checked on the sap buckets.  It's been a slow year for everyone, I think.

And I'm still plugging away at all that garter stitch.  {I'm designing a new jacket for boys!}

Cole's favorite thing about my brother's house?  The horse shoe pit.  

My favorite thing about my brother's house?  The vintage yellow patio chairs.  

We can't wait to visit again soon...


  1. I like those chairs too! And the photo of your son sitting in them is precious! We do not harvest sap from trees here in Louisiana, so it is very interesting for me to see this process. So many of the Northern blogs I read seem to be doing this! Your knitting is coming along...can't wait to see the finished garment!

  2. Thanks:) I'm glad you enjoyed the photos and the process. I hope my brother will call us when he cooks all that sap on the wood stove!