The Little Things

Remembering to live in awe of the little things.
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Yarn Along

Darning in the ends on a pair of Toast.  For me!  The yarn was a gift from a friend and I love it so much that I want to make a whole sweater out of it, but of course I can't find the band.  This much I know... it's a wool blend and it's hand dyed.  I'm thinking {hoping... pleading... begging} the duo at DarnKnit will be able to help me out.

I'm also reading Harvesting Color.  Again.  Plant dyeing is speaking to my soul and I'm beginning to listen.

{p.s. Joining in with Ginny's Yarn Along}

{p.p.s.  Two days until closing!!!!!  We're just a little bit excited}

What are you working on this week?
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In gratitude...

Feeling so much gratitude for:

* a warm spring rain

* this

*and this

*and especially this

* a  long morning with good friends

* a full and busy week in the shop

* newspaper hats

Wishing you a beautiful week~

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Hand Knit Easter Eggs and DIY Kits

Looking for an eco friendly alternative to your Spring celebrations this season? Use them in lieu of those plastic easter eggs or as a beautiful addition to your Spring nature table. We’ve also made several in natural heirloom egg colors for play food!

Spring Eggs

I've also put together a few DIY Easter Basket Kits

Each kit includes:
*One 6" square basket made from hand dyed hemp/organic cotton and lined with an upcycled vintage flour sack.
*6 mini skeins of worsted weight yarn in Cherry Blossom, Just Peachy, Sunflower, Sprouts, Blue Bird, and Larkspur
*Wool fleece to fill 6 eggs
*Spring Egg knitting pattern

Available in a variety of colors

Wishing you all a happy weekend~

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Yarn Along

Stretching my legs in the grass.... Breathing in the fresh smells of the earth....  Reading and knitting with the warm sun on my back....  I love Spring.  

I'm almost done with the sample sweater for my new design!  I just have to add buttons and it's finished.  More on this soon, I promise.  

I've also been reading Anna Pavord's, The Curious Gardener.  She's funny, insightful and writes the way my grandpa tells stories of his gardening days.  Plus it has useful gardening tips, too.  I can't wait to get the garden started!

What have you been working on lately?

{p.s.  In case you're in need of more knitterly inspiration, check out Ginny's Yarn Along, over at Small Things!}

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Dog Sitting

Any excuse to spend time in the country is reason enough for me, so when my little brother called and asked if we would dog sit for the day, the five of us jumped in the car and made the short trip to the woods!

Lola's a shy little beagle, but Lucas {the beagle whisperer} managed to coax her out of the house for a run through last years oak leaves.

We checked on the sap buckets.  It's been a slow year for everyone, I think.

And I'm still plugging away at all that garter stitch.  {I'm designing a new jacket for boys!}

Cole's favorite thing about my brother's house?  The horse shoe pit.  

My favorite thing about my brother's house?  The vintage yellow patio chairs.  

We can't wait to visit again soon...

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In the water...

In the water...

~  I live and breathe.

~  I birthed three babies.

~ We find sustenance.

~  I find peace.

~  We are inspired.

~  I am a Scorpio.

~  We come together.

~  I have clarity.

~  We find solitude.

~  I found love.

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Make a Wish

It's 11:11...  make a wish.

{I wish I was winding these dryer balls in front of a crackling fire on the farm.}

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This Week


This week::

::  We watched the snow melt along the river near our house.

::  Splashed in the icy cold water and got our feet soaking wet.... leading to make shift socks out of mom's upcycled mittens.

::  Headed up north to visit the nature center

::  Made a quick stop by our new land {which coincidentally has A LOT more snow than we have here at home} and found a new climbing tree!

::  Visited good friends, ate good food, and laughed much.

How was your week?
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Nature Craft

The weather has been so warm here the last few days so we've been taking full advantage and heading out into the woods as much as possible.  March is such a strange time of year...  the earth feels like it's about to burst with all it's new life and energy, yet, the quiet of winter is still pulling us inward for a few more moments of hot cocoa and reflection... and some indoor nature crafting.  

Salt dough ornaments::  Pressed with items we found on walks this week, along with some treasures collected from last year made for a nice fresh bit of color in the kitchen.  

Basic Recipe
2C flour
2 C water 
1C salt
1T oil
1t cream of tartar
{optional} a few drops of food coloring

  Cook over medium heat, stirring frequently, until thick. 
 Let dough cool a few minutes and kneed until smooth.  
Cut, press, and bake at 250 for a few hours or air dry for a few days. 
{We were impatient, I really prefer the look of air drying}
String, hang, and enjoy!

What have you been crafting this week?

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