This Week

This week::

:: The boys made a fleet of Lego trains.

:: We spent time with friends at the coffee shop for knitting and a bit of tomfoolery.

::  I was reminded not to take life too seriously.

::  Evenings were spent stitching up a couple dozen pairs of upcycled longies for the shop!

::  Listened for hours to one of my favorite groups, Rising Appalachia.

How was your week?


  1. Your week sounds lovely! It is always nice to have a little tomfoolery in one's day.:)
    Have a great weekend.

  2. How did you make your labels? They look amazing!

  3. I really like your labels as well, and the yarn and looking forward to downloading a bit of music next time we go to the library.

  4. Great photos! I remember the days of lego ... it was so long ago but so much fun! Thankfully there is still knitting going on.

  5. That Pokemon cracks me up. (:

    Just wanted to share with you - I finally used that Halloween-esque yarn that I bought from you way-back-when. Here's what I made:

    They are much loved already and wouldn't be nearly so neat without your beautiful yarn. (:

  6. @ Jen~ Thanks:) I have the labels made here: Then I attach them to wool felt {right now I'm using a recycled wool coat} with antiqued brass eyelets. It's a ton of work, but so worth it. I think they really add a lot to the piece:)

    @ Melissa ~ Thanks so much for sharing. I love when yarn waits around for just that perfect project:) They turned out fantastic!

    Happy weekend to you all~

  7. Hi there...So very nice to peek into your world! And yes, I love these moments from the week, too. Little snapshots of happiness, which are so similar to our own. I'm going to have to come back real soon for some yarn drooling. And thanks for the band suggestion, right up my alley:)
    xo Jules