Nine Lives of a Ball of Yarn: NINE

Whew.   That was a nasty four day long stomach flu that found it's way through a few of us in the house and stopped me in my tracks.  Many little people tried to bring me grape juice and knitting, but alas, I was too sick to knit.  {I told you it was bad.}  I did drink the grape juice, though.  My mom always made me ice cold grape juice when I was sick.  It works, along with tons of sleep and a few get well kisses on the forehead.

Today, I finally felt well enough to finish up the ninth and final project in the Nine Lives Series.  {Thanks so much for your patience, btw.}

A request from Mike.  A scarf with the following features:
*Long enough to tuck into the front of his coat but not so long that it hangs out the bottom of the coat.
*A hole in the middle so that the scarf stays put with only one wrap around the neck.

I hope to have a look book and all the patterns ready for sale on Friday, so stop back and take a peek!

p.s. Looking for other inspiring knitters?  Join in with Ginny for her weekly Yarn Along, and see what everyone's working on!


  1. I do hope you are feeling much better and can now get back to the important things in life like knitting! A wonderful series on a ball of yarn and it was a joy to follow it along on it's journey.

  2. There are some nasty bugs going around right now! My family has been hit by some too this week. Hope you are doing better. I loved the nine lives series and still love the color of that yarn. :)

  3. I have loved this project of yours. That yarn is really, really gorgeous. Hope you feel full of renewed energy very, very soon.

  4. So glad that you are doing better. This scarf looks cozy and comfortable. Thank you for sharing your talent.


  5. I like the chunkiness of the yarn and the variegated colors. Very nice. Oh boo for stomach flu. That is always yucky. I've never heard of using grape juice. I always grew up on flat gingerale for stomach woes.

  6. very cute! i like specific requests and it looks like you were super sucessful! hopefully your all well and back to good as new!

  7. Thank you all so much for your kind words. After a whole night's sleep, I'm feeling like a new woman today!!

    Ellen~ I think the comforting memories do more than the actual grape juice;)