Childhood Memories

It's funny where those little bits of childhood memories come creeping in from, isn't it?  A passing scent, or a cool breeze on the cheek or a day of cutting felt shapes with my boys.  Last week, Cole, Luke, and I spent the whole day just sitting on the floor of the new studio cutting pieces of felt from the scrap bucket with no intention at all except to slow down and share some time together.

As Luke was busy cutting out circles from a sweater scrap, the most vivid picture of my Great Aunt Leatha swept through my mind...

When my brother and I were very little, we would spend afternoons at her house while my mom was at work.  She lived right across the street from our elementary school in an old brown bungalow with a giant screened in front porch and stained glass windows above the door.  We'd race each other up the steps through that heavy old door, into the living room that smelled of century old dust, past the dining room table and finally the kitchen, where she'd be waiting at the formica table with a smile and a plate full of ice box sugar cookies.  Oh, they were simple, light and buttery and warm out of the oven, everyday!  We'd sit and talk and laugh and eat until my mom came around dinner time.

It's one of the greatest memories from my childhood that I never want to forget, so with Luke's kind and generous spirit, his train wheels {which were bound for African adventures} have become a batch of icebox sugar cookie ornaments.  I'm keeping a few for myself and sharing the rest in the shop for all to enjoy~

Do you have any favorite childhood memories?

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  1. I remember going to my grandmother's house and spending time playing with the toy cars she had. I miss those times. I hope she can r.i.p. She was a amazing women. The nicest person you'd ever meet.