All day yesterday, I thought it was Friday.  It happens sometimes.  Among the lego building, knitting, wax melting, baking, and all around daily "ing's", sometimes a day gets lost.  I kind of like it that way.  Not living by the clock or calendar, but by the sun and the moon.  

And sometimes something wonderfully unexpected happens.  Sometimes customers post photos of their finished knitting projects on my facebook page that make me all giddy inside!  That's what happened yesterday.  Colleen posted her Oatmeal Leg Warmers.  Not in oatmeal and brown but in green and orange.  Just look at them, they're fantastic!!  Thanks again so much, Colleen.

And once again, Happy Weekending~


  1. That's wonderful! I long for the day I am not constantly worried about school or work deadlines! Those are really cute too, btw. Makes me want to wear a skirt, just so I could wear those. lol

  2. The leg warmers are fantastic!

  3. I was thinking the same thing about the skirt, Nichole!! I just may have to head over to Goodwill tomorrow and find one, just so I have an excuse to knit a pair for myself:)