Homemade Lip Balm

Homemade lip balm.  All natural ingredients to nourish your dry, chapped kisser.  Here's how I made mine {very loose recipe}:
About an egg sized amount of beeswax.

Melt the beeswax in a double boiler.

When the beeswax is melted, add four heaping spoonfuls of coconut oil to the double boiler and stir until melted.

Remove from heat and add about 20-30 drops of vanilla essential oil.  Stir.

Pour immediately into small jars.  
{My jars are about 2 oz each and I filled six.  
If you use the commercial lip balm tins, it would likely fill a couple dozen}

Store them in a cool place to set up.  Trust me when I say don't touch them for about 12 hours or you'll end up with a giant finger print in the perfectly poured jars.  {Oh darn, I guess I'm keeping one for myself!!}  When they've set, put the lid on and tie on a pretty ribbon or add a label like this one.



  1. I forgot to mention that I added a spoonful of shea butter with the coconut oil for a luxurious boost of moisture!

  2. Yummy!
    Would make a great Christmas gift.

  3. Perhaps a silly question, but where does one find bee's wax?

  4. Tonya~ I'm planning on making many more for Christmas gifts. I'm thinking of mixing some up with peppermint, too!

    Not a silly questions at all, anonymous. Beeswax can be purchased at your local co-op or from several sources on etsy:)

  5. Thanks for the recipe - I have been wanting to try this, I think this is the year.

  6. Just what I was looking for! Can they be done with Lavender instead of Vanilla?