Yarn Along

See the adorable orange horse on the left?  It was made by another of my very talented friends, D'Arcy. {You can find her over at Horse Tribe}  When I watched her cut out the pieces at coffee one morning, I knew it was all mine!! It's made from the most delicious hand dyed, hand made felt in a warm burnt orange, adorned with two sparkly spiderwebs, one on the forehead and one on the thigh, and two perfectly beaded eyes.  D'Arcy, who loves a good trade any day, decided she would be glad to have a pair of long gauntlet style fingerless mittens, so there you go.  I've got my horse and in about a week, D'Arcy shall have her mittens.  You can find all my notes over here on Ravelry.

I'm also reading Shirley Jackson's Raising Demons for about the 30th time in the last five years.  It makes me laugh hysterically every time I read it and this week I needed a good laugh!

Don't forget to stop in and visit Ginny over at Small Things for her weekly Yarn Along.  You'll find all kinds of knitting inspiration~


  1. I love a good trade! Looks like you're both very lucky. I'll have to add Raising Demons to my reading list. I love her short story "The Lottery" and have read other short stories by her too, but never a novel.

  2. I'll have to try "The Lottery"! THanks for sharing:)