No knitting to share this week, just a lot of frogging, prompted by a work basket full of failed design attempts and a few sweaters that I started when my niece was born. Hahem, she's a year old now.  Fortunately, I'm sure to find some inspiration from all the lovelies over and Ginny's Yarn Along!  I've also started Great Expectations this last week.  I adore Dickens.

{and speaking of frogging... click on over for your chance to win my Frog and Toad hand dyed yarn along with a knitting pattern of your choice!}

What's in your work basket this week?


  1. As sad as frogging is, if it means you get to have the yarn back from a project that never made it, then I can definitely see a silver lining! Especially that last yarn, what beautiful colours.

  2. Ha! I'd never heard the term frogging before and your post prompted me to google it. Love the origin of the phrase! Every day's a school day. And I agree with the comment above; I do a lot of frogging (see how clever I am with my new vocab?) and always feel like I've got a bonus second (or 3rd or even 4th) chance with some new wool - especially if my heart wasn't really in the original piece.

    And to answer your q; shawls shawls and more shawls in my basket this week - the Christmas push has begun. Come over and take a look :0)

  3. It's always a bit sad having to rip out knits, but then you have all that yarn full of new wonderful possibilities!

  4. Dickens is such a classic Autumn read I think.
    I'm the queen of frogging by the way.
    And even though it is always a shame to rip out and start over I always find I learn so much in the process it's almost worth it :)
    (suzy popping by from "Small Things)

  5. Both colorways are beautiful. I'm sorry that you had to frog both. What do you have in mind for the yarn?

  6. i strangely like ripping out, it must be the satisfaction of hoping to find a better project for the wool. i like yarn balls too! :)

  7. I'm with you, Lori ann! So many of the projects have been staring me in the face for so long that it feels like such a relief to put them behind me! Now I have a beautiful basket full of possibilities!!