Yarn Along

I'm joining in again with Ginny for her weekly Yarn Along.  Oh, how I enjoy spending my Wednesday evenings browsing through oodles of pages of knitterly love!

Well, I finally got around to knitting with the self striping sock yarn I dyed a few weeks ago.  My biggest fear in dyeing this yarn was that somehow the math would't turn out as planned and I'd end up with sloppy color transitions or {aaaakkkk} the dreaded visible jog.  I've even put off knitting with it because I was so afraid that all the time spent calculating, wrapping, dyeing, and rewrapping would be for nothing.  Then my son picked it up and asked me to make him rainbow socks with it.  How could I say no to a request for rainbow socks, so I decided to suck it up and get on with it.  I even learned a new cast on technique for ribbing that I'll post a tutorial for soon.  {Thanks, Tracy!}

While I'm not a huge fan of the colorway, the stripes turned out just the way I'd hoped - solid transitions and no visible color jog!  I know art is supposed to be all about the process, but this time I can say for certain that the process sucked, and I'm NEVER hand dyeing self striping sock yarn again!  {No Mike, I will not make you self striping adult longies out of sock yarn.  So stop asking!}

Happy Knitting~


  1. Well, I like it! Looking forward to hearing about that ribbing cast on.

  2. i love self striping. so happy you've figured it out. socks give me the gripes seriously. x