In our search for the perfect piece of land for our homestead, I can't even tell you how many swamps we've visited.  Realtors can be crafty folk, taking photos of the land across the road while standing on the listed property.  A little shady, if you ask me.  Today we decided to go wandering up north and visit a listing sent to us by Realtor #4.  It turned out to be fantastic.  A little bit of woods, a lot of open space for a jersey cow, sheep, chickens, gardens, orchard, bees and solar!  We're not getting our hopes up too high since we haven't seen a survey map yet, but this one may be a keeper!!  

Signs of turkey and deer on the property.

A long rustic driveway.

Wild grasses and a gorgeous view.

On the way home, we decided to stop at one of our favorite lakes for a picnic and an afternoon of swimming.

It's really hard to eat corn on the cob with only one front tooth!

{Yes, I have three children!  This one rarely gets his photo taken.}

A home for the crayfish.

The crayfish whisperer.

Who knows, maybe by next year this long winding road will bring us home.

Wishing you a happy weekend~


  1. Here's to winding roads that lead to happy homes...

  2. Ack! So jealous. We are not ready yet to actually look for a homestead. Soon. Soon. Good luck, and here is to this one being the one!


  3. awesome! Have you read Arms Wide Open or The Blue Cotton Gown? I just got a copy of AWO from the author and it's beautiful! All about her early days as a home-steader (but in a community) and midwife.

  4. That property looks beautiful Liz. Keeping you in my thoughts...
    Warm wishes, Tonya