Strawberry Jam

Trying to hold on to every little last bit of summer, the boys and I decided to try making jam again yesterday.  With a mama who would rather just wing it, we haven't ever been very successful in getting the jam to set properly, but I have high hopes for this batch.  I read the directions and hovered like a mama hawk as the boys measured and mixed, not wanting to waste any of those precious berries.  

If this batch turns out, I'm going to put up many, many more jars using the blackberries we picked back in July.  Oh, what a treat it will be to have a little bit of summer's delight atop a warm biscuit on a cold snowy day in January! 

What have you been canning right now?


  1. I keep thinking about trying jam but haven't quite worked myself up to it.

    Growing up we used to pick containers upon containers of strawberries at a u-pick-your-own place, pull rhubarb from the patch in the back yard and my mother would make jars and jars and jars of strawberry rhubarb jam. It's still my dream jam :) - haven't had any for years now as she got busy with other things by the time I was in jr. high.

    Thinking about trying some pickles at some point, but need to get some equipment. :)

    enjoy your jam - looks beautiful!

  2. such cute photos. we've made some raspberry syrup which I freezer preserved and we also made apricot preserve and peach.

  3. My mom used to make oodles of strawberry rhubarb jam, too. So good on ice cream and apple crisp...mmmm

    Apricot and peach preserves sound divine, Ren! I'm just waiting for the pears to ripen and I can make pear sauce too:)