Living Vicariously at Sock Summit

Since I couldn't manage a ticket to Portland for the all encompassing knitters paradise called Sock Summit {insert long sigh here} I'm left to live vicariously through kitting blogs and YouTube!  And just in case you don't knit and don't know what Sock Summit entails, here's a link:  Sock Summit

Some other fun recaps of the weekend:
Knitting to Stay Sane
Yarn Harlot

{Normally, I avoid large crowds like the plague, but these are knitters, so really how bad can it be?!}

Maybe next year.

P.S.  There was a bit of a self~striping yarn dyeing fiasco in our house yesterday, which I'll tell you all about tomorrow.  {Bad rainy day photos will be included.}  Happy Knitting~


  1. oh geez. not sure i am ready for sheep, but thinking about angora bunnies to learn to create my own yarn!


  2. I don't know, Elizabeth. wave some yarn in our face and could turn into a mob if there's enough of us. ;-)
    I really want to go this... one of these days.