Gardens and Such...

Grandma and Grandpa stopped by this weekend with a basket full of veggies from their garden.  Our veggies are a little slow going this year, but their garden is bursting at the seams with cucumbers, beans, and peppers! 

Right now the cucumbers are a plenty and we're eating them fresh with herbed cream cheese,  grilled with rice, and my favorite ~ sliced and quartered with a drizzle of dressing.  Here's how I make it in case you're interested.

Fresh Veggie Dressing
3 parts Olive Oil
1 part Red Wine Vinegar
a squeeze of lemon juice
Minced onion
Garlic, Salt and Pepper to taste

Put them all together in a mason jar and let it sit for a few hours. 
 Shake and pour!

What's your favorite way to eat cucumbers?


  1. Asian style, lime, fish sauce, coriander, palm sugar. Could eat it by the bucket. Also pickled some last year - they dissappeared into only 2 jars but were delicious. Can't wait until the return of the cucumber! We had about 3 a day last summer.