At the Lake

One of the benefits of living in Wisconsin is that where ever we go, we're always just a stones throw away from a lake!  We're also so grateful that Grandma and Grandpa {who are retired this year} live on a lake only 15 minutes away!!  This week especially, as the warm water days are quickly coming to an end, we've been spending every single day near the water.  

{A few of our summer lake adventures}

We're headed out to a different beach again today to enjoy the last of the 80 degree days.  I can smell the changing seasons in the air.  The maples, sumac and poplar trees are already turning their fiery shades of red and yellow. It won't be long now... until we're snow shoeing and ice fishing at the lake!


  1. Oh, that must be so nice! And yes, I'm feeling that change in the air, too. Love it!

  2. What fun! We have a lake not too far away but its not near as beautiful as yours

  3. Karen~ We are so lucky to have so many nice clean lakes nearby.

    Julie~ I'm secretly ecstatic that fall is on it's way!! {...but trying not to rush it, since fall is followed by snow.}