Peaceful Beginnings

With a cup of joe and a slice of gluten free coffee cake all to myself, I walk around our humble abode and savor the glorious moments of peace before the house begins to stir and the day begins again...
It makes me smile every morning, because I never know where the boys will be when I wake up.  Lately, it's in a nest they've created on our been our bedroom floor.  Somedays it's the couch.  Some days it's under the coffee table. In the winter, it's often in front of a heat register.  In the height of summer, it's usually under the big screen living room window.  Luke and Cole always together {they're joined at the hip}. Rarely in their own beds.  Although that's where they always start.  

I suppose it's because they spent most of their nursing years co~sleeping with us.  Our main routine was when they grew tired, we laid in bed to nurse, and when they nursed, I fell asleep.  

It worked for us then and it works for us now.  Our families think we're a bit crazy for not forcing them to sleep in their own beds, but then they'd probably scoff at me eating cake for breakfast too.

Wishing you a peaceful start to your day~


  1. I hope my younger boys end up like that. We colseep and nurse to sleep, too. (:

  2. With the baby coming in early September, we are gently talking to Abraham who will be 3 years, 9 months when the new one comes, about moving down to a matress in our room. He insists, though, that the baby can sleep on one side of me and he can sleep in the middle:)
    I love picturing your peaceful morning.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  3. my kids sleep wherever they want. the only problem with them not being in rooms is that i can't secretly get up and enjoy coffee before all of the craziness like you. no matter how much i tiptoe, my 2 year old ALWAYS wakes up.

  4. I love knowing there are others out there co~sleeping too!

    Tonya, our oldest son Jake slept on a mattress on our floor for about a year before deciding to move to his own space.

    Freedom Three~ My guys would always wake up from even the smallest noise when they were really little too. Now that they're older, they seem to sleep like rocks!

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