To Prune or Not to Prune

We have never pruned our trees.  Never.  Ever.  I've even been known to chase city workers away from the parkway trying to hack down limbs of the crabapples.  Trees in the forest thrive all on their own and so should ours...  until we came back from vacation and discovered our trees have grown so much this year that they're now shading out our entire garden. Moving the garden isn't an option on our small city lot, so we had a family meeting and voted on whether or not the time and energy spent growing the plants from seeds was more important than cutting back two large limbs.  

Jake was the only family member who voted against the tree cutting, but came up with a great idea to honor the tree.  He used the branches to make tripods for the beans and is going to try making tomato cages, too.

Jake also stripped the bark from all the branches and used the long fibers to make string to hold the tripods together.  He was thrilled that we were able to use every part of the tree and has big plans for the rest of the bark!

The garden gets full sun all day long now, and I can't wait to see what grows up next to that big old tree!


  1. Good choice... :) I understand the wonder of if you should or shouldn't trim the trees... they do naturally prune themselves. I recently had a conversation about this topic with my husband who just finished a class all about tree trimming (he's a landscaper) . He made me realize that sometimes depending on the risk involved, like children at play underneath them, or of course gardens that need to grow, that it's helpful to give them a good trim so the risk of danger lowers, and the balance of the other plants/trees in that area all get adequate sun. If you do it right, then the tree can benefit, and won't be hurt at all. I think it's awesome that you all care so much to begin with. That's what makes me smile... and I'm happy to see that your son honored the trees like that...

  2. That would be an interesting class, Lauren! Wish our parks department would give their workers a training class. They just lob off the limb where ever they feel like it.... so unhealthy for the tree. Thanks for your insight, it makes me feel better about the whole situation:)