The Meadow {in Macro}


With the fresh new growth of native grasses and an array of wildflowers, my favorite place this spring has been the meadow at Willow River State Park, {especially with my new macro lens}.

I imagine that learning this new photography skill must be what it's like for a very young child first learning to crawl around.  Finding every minuscule crumb bit and creature low to the ground,  strengthening different muscles, finding the balance and coordination to direct your body where you want to go, mastering spacial relationships...

It's a little unnerving trying to adjust to it all,  but somehow we work it all out, don't we.  It's so satisfying and rewarding to gain new skills, I can't wait to see what this new stage in my photography unfolds!

What new things have you been working on lately?

p.s.  Make sure to stop back on Wednesday for another free pattern!!  I just know you're going to love it~


  1. just magnificent - i can smell the grass and dew !

  2. wow - what fantastic photos!

    i've been working on deciding which newborn part i love the most (ankles, wrists, nose, rosebud mouth?) :) i guess, not much actual "work" these days : )

  3. Thanks all~ Jen, the work of mothering is my favorite part;)

  4. Just, wow!

    I've been hooked on macro lately too. It's a whole new world when examined in this way. A world that you have captured beautifully.

  5. Amazing! My favorite is the grass with dewdrops!

  6. Wonderful pictures! The snail might be my favourite =)

  7. just exquisite, all looks so lush and green