Leaf Printing

Recently, I had some fun trying a few new printing techniques... screen printing {more on that another day} and leaf printing.

I started by collecting a variety of highly textured leaves and natural objects from around the yard.

I gathered up a basic set of  Jacquard Neopaque Fabric Paints  {I love them because they're non~toxic and water soluble} 

And practiced on a few scraps of linen.

Then I printed a spray of violet leaves on a sturdy cotton tablecloth I found at the flea market.  The plan is to upcycle the tablecloth into several reusable produce bags for the farmer's market this year!

As the boys passed in and out of the kitchen, they too sat down to print a few images with me!

It's really easy, just paint the backside of the leaf with an even coat of Neopaque. Make sure to get into all the nooks and crannies.

 Then turn it over and press gently onto the fabric or paper.  

I'll post pictures tomorrow of what we made with our prints!  Have you ever tried leaf printing?

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