Free Knitting Pattern: Treasure Pouch

Because you can never have too many hand knit pouches to carry your treasures....

Free Knitting Pattern:  Treasure Pouch

Jitterbug in Popcicle ~ Fingering Weight Yarn
Size 3 double pointed needles
Darning needle

Finished Measurements:
about 2" tall
{For a larger bag, you could use worsted weight wool with size 6 needles}

CO 29 sts.  Join, being careful not to twist.
*k1, sl 1 wyif  Repeat from * around for 5 rounds.
Increase 1 stitch, k around. {30 sts}
*k2, yo  Repeat from * around {45sts}
Continue to knit around for 1.5"
*k7, k2tog Repeat from * around
*k6 k2tog  Repeat from * around
*k5 k2tog  Repeat from * around
*k4 k2tog  Repeat from * around
*k3, k2tog  Repeat from * around
*k2, k2tog  Repeat from * around
*k1, k2tog Repeat from * around
*k2tog Repeat from * around
Break yarn and sew through remaining stitches.  
Pull tight and darn in ends.

For the cord, make an 8" braid and tie off both ends.  
Feed the cord through the yo holes at the top of pouch.



  1. Come join in the fun with Ginny at Small Things for her yarn along!

  2. This is wonderful! I could use a couple of these for my littlest! Thank yoU!

  3. Such pretty little pouches. My children collect so many little nature finds that they always need pockets or little bags. The yarn you used is just perfect.

  4. Thanks for sharing! My kids would love some of these. You are so right you can never have too many treasure pouchs. :)

  5. That's a really cute pattern. Thanks for sharing.

  6. this is lovely .. just right to hold such treasure

  7. ooh, how pretty! Thanks for the pattern! I'm bookmarking this one!


  8. This is so cute and I am all over it! Thank you for sharing. :)

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  10. Thanks for this ovely pattern. I found it yesterday, and just hat to try it out. I like how the top, that looks almost wowen contrrasts with the tapering stockinettte bottom.
    I have one sligt misgiving. Please make a note, that you're going to use the yo holes in round 7 for a cord. I always knit my yo's twisted so as NOT to make holes, and had to "knit backwards" some rows. My mistake for not reading through the whole thing before starting ;)

  11. I just discovered this pattern when a friend of mine made one. I adore this! Thank you so much for putting it out here for us to knit.

  12. I made one of these while waiting. They knit up so quickly and are so pretty! I think I might surprise some of my kids with them tucked under a pillow.

  13. I've been looking for small little pouches to make up and use as advent bags for my grandson - I think this will be perfect! Thank you!