Wild Edibles

Wild edible food is a main food group year round at our house, but the Spring especially is a time for abundance, as the young shoots and buds are usually the most flavorful and pack the most punch in terms of nutrients!

Right now we've been snacking on these young pine cones from our Norway Spruce.  Their texture and size are similar to the wild strawberry, but with a sweet nutty flavor.

If you are a little skeptical to try eating the cone, you could also try pine tea.  Rich in vitamin A & C, the tea is an easy way to build up your immune system, or to be used as a treatment for sinus and respiratory ailments.  It's also anti~inflammatory, making it beneficial in treating ailments such as menstral cramps and head aches.

To make the tea, pour a pint of boiled water over an ounce of fresh chopped pine needles and steep for two hours.  The kids like to add a teaspoon of honey for a little sweetness, but it really is good all on it's own.

We're also looking forward to foraging for cattails, nettle, asparagus, and leafy greens.  What wild edibles have you been enjoying this season?


  1. oh yum-I have never tried them.
    We live in the desert- we like to collect wild rosemary and aloe.

  2. White pine is the best, nutritionally, but they are soooo good. Wild rosemary would be wonderful!