A Week in the Wilderness

A week in the wilderness allows ample time for...    

...eating giant gooey marsh mellows all day long over a crackling fire. {the boys measured and the marsh mellows are four times the size of their standard sized counterparts}

...late night casts into the lapping lake waters.

...snuggling under the twinkling of the stars, and waking early to the refreshing, crisp air of Spring by the lake.  

Somehow the mountain of after camping laundry doesn't seem so bad when I think of all the fun we had making such a mess!  I hope you had a beautiful week, too~


  1. Oh my children saw those marshmallows at our little general store and have big plans for the campfire with them.
    Your time looks wonderful.

  2. Thanks, we really had a great vacation this year!!

    These marshmallows must be a new specialty item, because I've never seen them anywhere else. Many contests were held such as who could make the most/least mess while eating one, how many times you could "burn and peel" the top layer, how many you could fit in your mouth.....hilarious, I tell you:)