Hemp Makes Me Happy

Hand dyed hemp fabric makes me so happy.  Besides the fact that I LOVE hand dyeing anything I can get my hands on, this batch of hemp/organic cotton fabric evolved out of necessity.  My boys and I are a little picky about the clothing we wear. {Luke's pretty much go with the flow, but the rest of us have Taxtile Sensitivity}  They don't want things poking them like seams, buttons and zippers, and there has to be a certain degree of softness, durability, and functionality. 

As a family, we made a pact for the year that we'd only buy used clothing from thrift stores, but this sensitivity has come to a degree that handmade clothing is the only way to go.  So the guys and I sat down and they gave me a list of qualities they wanted in a pair of pants/shorts:
*Elastic waist {not too tight or too loose}
*DEEP pockets for rocks, shells, and the occasional worm {Note to self:  teach kids to check their own pockets before wash day!}
*Fun earthy colors
*Fabric that was soft, but wouldn't rip if you got caught on a branch running through the woods {I'm guessing that one came from experience!}
*Fabric that would dry quickly

The choice of fabric was easy.  Hemp/Organic Cotton.  I've written about the benefits of hemp in this space before, but it really is the most amazing fabric on earth.  Hempfarm is also a great source of information about this misrepresented plant.

I'll be stitching up lots of shorts for these boys of mine this week, and I also plan on offering them up as a Custom Made to Order in my shop at the end of the month {because I know my boys aren't the only kiddos who have trouble finding eco~friendly, comfortable clothing}

Since I was dyeing fabric anyway, I mixed in some vintage linen napkins I found recently at a garage sale!  They were perfect for our picnic at the park yesterday!

What features do your kids look for in clothing?


  1. Interesting question, I've never thought to ask them. And short of my 6 year old asking once if my sewing machine knew how to make boys clothes too or did it own make stuff for his sisters, they have not mentioned anything. Thanks for asking I need to get everyone new pants for the summer and now that you brought it up will check in with them as to what they want. I usually just go to thrift store and grab what I think will fit then wash it all before they see as my 12yo is brand conscious and would likely object based on nothing other than the price point. Not sure where he got this idea as the rest prefer hand-me-downs and remember who each thing used to belong too.

  2. We also buy just about all of our clothes at thrift shops or hand knit - I wish I could get the hang of sewing, but I am not giving up. Where do you purchase your hemp/organic cotton fabric?
    Love seeing them all hanging to dry.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  3. LOL, Julia!! There just aren't very many cute boy patterns to choose from either. I'm lucky in that all my guys prefer mama made clothing {even the 14 year old}. I'm not sure my guys even know what name brands are;)

    Tonya, sewing is a bit more tricky than knitting by far. With knitting, at least I know that it stretches and will fit a wide range! I love Elizabeth Zimmerman's quote about how she doesn't knit any particular size, she just knits and knows it will fit someone, sometime!
    I purchased my fabric from a woman on etsy: http://www.etsy.com/people/InfiniteCosmosHemp?ref=ls_profile
    She has had the best prices so far.

  4. I LOVE hemp as well... Thanks your colors always feel soothing when I see your fabrics and yarn... :) Thanks for the link to the lady on Etsy who sells good hemp fabric... Zimmerman's quote is a good metaphor for a lot of things... Divine Guidance... Bless...

  5. Wonderful, loving the pictures, cheers Marie