Gardens and Such

I'm just really not the kind of girl who does well with timelines, deadlines, or any kind of being on time for that matter....  I always think I can reform myself by creating lists and schedules but mostly it just makes me feel guilty for not getting things done in a timely manner. 

This space is no exception...  I much prefer a natural rhythm to writing, art, and life, and hope that my posts will reflect the pure serendipity of our lifestyle.  


A break in the clouds prompted a quick trip to the co~op for a bale of straw to cover the garden beds.  

Spreading of the straw quickly turned into a game of nest building.

We even managed to plant all of our tomatoes that we started from seeds here {we're just a little proud of our plants}

My new lens also arrived from Photojojo, so I tried to capture a few photos before the rain drops returned.  ~*this is so much fun*~

I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of unscheduled happiness!


  1. Your buddies so cute while building the nest.. They are adorable.. :) Good shots in those photos.. You are great!

  2. Magnifiques fleurs ♥♥♥ Wonderfull flowers, i love it ! My garden is not too beautifull because it was very warm this summer in my country ☺