All in a Day's Work

So this is how it went this week:
~Woke up and threw in a load of laundry.
~Helped the kids with breakfast as they each rolled out of bed.
~Checked in on Jake who is sick with strep throat.
~Did another load of laundry
~Drew out a pattern for men's sized pants/shorts
~Another load of laundry
~Made cheese wraps for the boys who were famished from jumping on the trampoline all morning.
~Check on Jake, who's still sleeping
~Played Memory with Luke
~Cut out pattern and fabric for a pair of men's shorts while Luke wrote a list of things we needed from the store.
~Read with boys on the couch
~Yep, you guessed it... more laundry
~Lunch time {I can't even remember what we had}
~Chase dog around the neighborhood because someone left the gate open.  I'm sure this looked hysterically funny from an outsiders perspective, but we have one stubborn dog who loves squirrels.
~The L word
~Sew and finish shorts
~Start dinner {Green chili stew}
~Thank goodness the laundry's done
~Clean up dinner
~Make a batch of cherry tea soap
~Tuck kids into bed
~Sit down to Knit {my favorite part of the day} least there's never a dull moment.  What's your favorite part of the day?


  1. Not laundry? :) I like the sit down and create moments the best too.

  2. I usually try to incorporate more time to create, but this has been an especially busy week!

  3. The daily chores, do take up so much of the day, don't they - especially when we choose to live a more simple life, making food and such from scratch.
    Lately all I have wanted to do is knit, knit, knit. This has never happened before... must be the pregnancy, at least that is a good excuse:)