Spring Weekending

Spring Weekending::

:: Luke's adamant refusal to ride in the bike stroller, meant a trip to find new wheels for the not so little boy

:: A call from my mom that my grandmother's health was failing prompted a last minute road trip across the midwest, and home to the big white porch in Iowa.  {funny how we've lived in Wisconsin for almost 20 years, and I still call Iowa home.  I think I always will.} My grandma's inviting hugs are still strong, but we will surely be back on that porch soon.

:: My dad and his annual hiding of the plastic eggs that my guys love so much.

:: Sharing history with my boys {who are the 4th generation of boys to be photographed on this big white porch} 

::  Many, many miles of knitting to soothe my aching soul.


  1. What a loving post; so good that you went down for your hug. xoxo.

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