It feels a bit like the first time I had a baby!  Planting the seeds, watching the surface bulge, intoxicated with anticipation for the day each one pushes their way out into the world.  I'm a first timer {with seeds, that is}, can you tell?  I have a need to protect and nourish life.  Infatuated with the possibilities of what the future will hold for this tiny living thing.

As it went with all my children, I suspect each year of watching new life grow will be equally as exciting!


  1. seed amaze me every time, it realy does seem like magic:)Id like to take part in your nature notebook, is it on a particular day?

  2. Cole has been sitting next to the tray all afternoon and swears he can see them growing!! hehe

    Thanks so much for stopping by! The Nature Notebook is on Thursdays:)

  3. We did a variety of seeds this year (first timer too) and the kids have loved watching them peek out and get bigger. So fun!

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