Natural Remedies

Two sick kids and one with pink eye {or purple eye, as he calls it} means lots of herbs are being infused and an arsenal of natural remedies are being handed out.  Here are a couple of our favorites for natural healing::

Camomile Compress for Pink Eye::
Steep 1tsp of dried camomile flowers in 1 cup boiling water.  Wrap in cheese cloth and use flowers as a warm soothing compress or use the tea as an eye wash.

Eucalyptus Salve for Stuffy Noses & Colds::
Mix up a batch of beeswax oil and add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil.  When the salve is cured, rub generously over the bottom of the feet and cover feet with a pair of warm hand knit wool socks. 

What are your favorite natural remedies?


  1. these are wonderful! going to link to them on my blog... hope your kiddos heal up quickly and you have a great weekend.

    our favorite is shots (! ha for a soon-to-be tandem nursing mom) of apple cider vinegar for most anything :)

  2. I've always heard dropping breastmilk in the eye is a good natural remedy for pink eye. Of course if you're not still nursing this one may be hard to come by... :)

  3. PS I love that VW pinafore dress in your etsy shop. Very cute.

  4. Thanks so much, Jen! I've heard so much about apple cider vinegar, I'm going to have to try it:)

    We used to use breast milk for everything, verdemama! It's magic, I tell ya;)

  5. Just getting more sunlight helps me tons with lots of health problems. Eating more often and eating natural foods helps too.

  6. My kids love apple cider chewables that we get from our local health food store! It even helps if they are throwing up!