Tutorial: Upcycled Easter Baskets

Looking for an all~natural, eco~friendly alternative to the standard toxic easter baskets you find on the shelves of the big box stores?  Make your own this year out of recycled clothing!  

1 linen skirt/top at least 18" wide (or any thin fabric) for the lining
1 thick wool felted sweater/blanket at least 18" wide for the body

1.  Cut out a square 18" x 18".  Then in each of the 4 corners, cut out a 6" square.  You'll end up with an x shape.  The middle square will be the bottom of the basket, and the outside pieces will fold up to make the sides!

2.  Now bring your neighboring corners together.   Pin and sew all four edges together.

Repeat these steps again with the thick wool fabric.

3. Cut out two pieces of linen 2.5" x 5" for the handles.  Press each edge to the middle and then press the whole thing in half again. Sew them closed.
 4.  With right sides together, match up the corners and pin lining to the body.
 Pin the handles upside down, in between the two fabrics.  Do the same thing on the opposite side.  Sew along the edge of THREE SIDES ONLY {Make sure to include both handled edges in three sides ~ I didn't of course!}

Next, take out all your pins and turn the basket right side out.  Press your top seam flat and adjust the lining.  Hand sew the opening closed and you're done! {My wool was so thick that the top seam didn't want to stay flat so I stitched along the top again to hold it down}

Not just for Spring, these upcycled baskets are great for home organizing and storage too!  Fill them with toys,  food, or {gasp} yarn!!

Need a few non~toxic, all~natural items to compliment your new basket??  I've added several new Spring items to my shop this week ~ Bunnies, eggs, and a seriously sweet pinafore!


  1. Love it! This is exactly the kind of basket I need all over my house, especially reigning in my kids toys. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Gosh. You make me want to get out my fabrics and sewing machine. It's such a pain to set everything up and take it all down again (no designated sewing space here). And my iron and ironing board suck. These things are why I generally hate sewing. But.. geez.. I *need* to make this. (:

  3. Oh I just love this basket and the new things you have made for your shop.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  4. Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments! I think I've made about a half dozen of these so far in various sizes ~ watch out, they're very addicting!!

  5. What a wonderful idea-thanks for sharing it! :)

  6. Just made one of these and it looks (if I say so myself) great. Thank you for the tutorial.

  7. Thanks for sharing! I just made one for an Easter basket for my son, I enjoyed making it and like how it all came together.