Treadle Treasure


Treasure hunting at our local thrift store this week turned up this beautiful antique treadle sewing machine at an incredibly reasonable price.  I've been searching for one ever since I saw a young girl and her mother treadle sewing a quilt at our local historical museum, but refused to pay the prices that I was finding on Craigslist and Ebay.  My electric machine isn't doing very well, and it couldn't have come at a better time.  Everything seems to be in working order, so all I need is a new belt and we're all set {I think}!  

One thing I am mystified by, is the slot in the front.  I discovered a little knob in one of the drawers that I assume goes in it, but not sure what it's for??  Anyone know??  I found a manual to purchase online, so hopefully that will shed some light onto the mysterious black hole.

As I dusted of the cobwebs, I imagined each scratch and scuff telling a story of mothers and wives sewing plaid flannel shirts for their boys to keep them warm through the long, hard Wisconsin winters or of beautiful new Spring dresses for the girls made from cotton calico prints...  I hope I can do them justice.

Like most of my creating, I take pleasure in the slow, natural flow of the process and am really looking forward to getting to know my new piece from the past.


  1. My stepmother has one of these. Next time I see her I'll show her this post and see if she knows about your knob.

  2. If you mean that long slot below the bobbin winder, that's where the stitch length adjuster should be.

  3. Im certain that is your stitch length .the lever that goes in that slot doesnt seem to be there unless I just cant see it.That will also give you your reverse.

  4. By The way I ment to say,you got quite a Blessing there.

  5. Thanks, Mary. I still haven't had a chance to play with it. I really need to make time to try it out and get it working. When we move to the homestead, I'd love to use it exclusively!