Spring Seeds

With a good six inches of snow on the ground, it doesn't look much like Spring, but the returning of the robins, fresh compost, and the tiny buds on the trees remind me that it won't be long now!  

I've been reading a lot of info lately about Monsanto and their monopoly on the seed industry, which brought us to the decision to learn as much as we can about self sufficient food production before we move, so we're going to try and plant our entire garden from seed this year. My grandpa assures me it's a piece of cake and has given us lots of tips!  

Here are some great resources for heirloom seeds as well as info about Monsanto's destructive hold on food production, and how you can help:
*Seed Savers  {We use this company and love them, but I'm a little biased as I grew up in Iowa!}
*Farmama  {Don't forget to read the fantastic articles she's added to the right hand side of her blog}

With a lot of love and a little luck, we'll have tomato plants sprouting in about a week!