Sewing in the Zipper... and other finishing touches

Everyone I talk to proclaims sewing in zippers to be a difficult task, but I'm not sure why?  It really isn't difficult at all,  just take it slow and use a lot of pins!
*Pick a zipper at close to the length as possible
*Fold over the edge where you steeked the sweater
*Lay the fabric close to the zipper edge
*Pin the heck out of it! {Yes I know, very bad for the machine, but very good for my patience level}
*Sew a straight line down {or two lines, if you're so inclined}

Cole's a little sensitive to wool on his neck, so I also bought a matching flannel shirt from the thrift shop and added a little extra love to the neck.  I figured while I was at it, I'd add a little at the bottom edge too!  

I have a feeling, I'll be making another jacket in a smaller size.  Luke has only taken it off long enough for Cole to try it on, and approve!!  


  1. Very lovely. I like the flannel touches, for comfort and nice-looking

  2. Do you have to use a special foot for the sewing machine to sew zippers? I've tried sewing a zipper before - it worked, but it was less than pretty. :/

  3. No special foot. I know I have one in my sewing box, but I can't actually tell you which one it is;) I'm just a wing it kind of girl! I actually prefer to hand sew them, but wanted to try the machine just this once.

  4. Beautiful jacket. I love the color.

  5. The sweater is gorgeous, and I LOVE the addition of the flannel.