Introducing.. The Sitting Tree Soaps

We originally started making handmade soap over a year ago because my boys and husband suffered from extremely dry, cracked skin along with severe eczema.  We have spent a small fortune on creams and lotions, but nothing ever gave them any relief.  Mike spent some time researching natural remedies and found that our commercially based soaps were likely the culprit.   He began making handmade soap for family and friends; perfecting the recipe, experimenting with different oils, mixing scents...  then we tested them through the winter season.  We're thrilled to report that ALL of the boys' eczema is gone and Mike's hands have been free from chapped skin & cracks all winter!  We've been selling them locally for awhile now and because they've done so well, we're making the move to expand online!
{just look at those soft hands}

What is handmade soap?
Handmade soap is a cleaning agent created by combining oils, water, and lye. Oils attract the dirt which can then be easily washed away.

How do we make our soaps?
All of our soaps are made with natural ingredients, one batch at a time. Using the hot process method, the water and lye are mixed with the oils and cooked to saponification.  The mixture is then poured into the mold and let to cure overnight.  After 24 hours, we cut each of the bars by hand and let them dry for about a week.  Then they are packaged and sent off to local stores.  This summer we plan to learn how to make all the soap outside over an open fire, in preparation for off~grid living!!

What about lye?
ALL soap is made from lye.  Lye by itself is very dangerous {so we wear lots of safety gear} but when it's saponified all of the lye magically disappears and makes an organically natural bar of soap!

Why buy handmade soap?
*ALL the ingredients can be found at your local coop and are of sustainable resources!  
*We add no preservatives or petroleum based products
*All of the glycerine is retained for maximum moisture {Commercial producers remove it and sell it to cosmetic and food companies.  Then they replace the glycerine with a synthetic version which is drying and irritating to the skin}
*Our packaging is made from recycled materials.

For the next week, we're offering a Buy 2 Get One Free Deal on any of our new soaps {while supplies last}!


  1. Those sound sublime! I'm off to check them out. (:

  2. Er.. They aren't on your Etsy shop?

  3. I have a local lady here that I support by buying her handmade soaps. I have always had really sensitive skin and I itched all the time, so much so that I would bleed because I was scratching so much. However, now that I use handmade soaps I never have that problem.

    I love that you're offering this to more people and I urge them to just give it a try. It's astounding how much better you feel when you take such good care of your skin!
    Good luck with this new product! =]


  4. Ordering three bars now! So excited! (:

  5. @Melissa Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I can't wait for you to try them:)

    @ LeeAnn and PrettyDreamer Thanks for your support:)

  6. Oh, the boxes look great and congratulations on your new venture.
    Warm wishes,